subsidiary ecommerce accounting system

eCommerce Accounting

MarginDriver provides more than real-time reporting and analytics.
It leverages the gathered data to create monthly accounting reports, reconcile accounts receivable and post to the general ledger.

Gross Profit Statements

Automatically generated
hourly, daily and monthly
Gross Profit Statements

eCommerce Accounting
in Five Easy Steps

Guided five-step monthly accounting generates clean, accurate books

Summarized Posting to the General Ledger

No flooding the general ledger with thousands of individual transactions

Amazon Reconciliation

Continuous tracking of Amazon receivables and automated monthly reconciliation

Integrations with
Quickbooks and Xero

Match to your general ledger accounts and post with the click of a button

Shopify Reconciliation

Reconcile Shopify Payments and continuously track Shopify receivables

subsidiary accounting

Let MarginDriver
Do the Books

MarginDriver eliminates the need for numerous general ledger postings from various supporting software systems because it addresses currency conversion rates, credit card fees, seller fees, allowances for returns and customer credits, as well as product purchase price and shipping costs; all of which is formulated into daily and monthly gross profit reports prepared using the accrual method of accounting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and available for review and use prior to being posted to the user’s general ledger.